On Day 2 of this year’s anticipated Africa Tech Week Summit, South African based all-inclusive, services-orientated technology company, Vaxowave, hosted a duo tech talk assessing Cloud troubleshooting – from a cost perspective. The talk was led by two Cloud experts, namely Kume Luvhani and Peter Rix, who are both Co-Founders and Executive Directors at Vaxowave. Their discussion was really insightful, showing summit-goers how to stay ahead of the curve, when it comes to managing their cloud costs.

Vaxowave Talks Scaling with Cloud

Known for specialising in multi-cloud solutions, technology transformations and consulting services, Vaxowave was the ideal partner for providing valuable insight into maximising the benefits of cloud, whilst still managing Cloud costs. Together, Luvhani and Rix shed some light on optimising businesses’ Cloud-spend, service utilisation, and adopting FinOps for organisational efficacy. A key takeaway from the talk was cautionary advice on ensuring that businesses use the Cloud for the ‘right reasons’ in order to truly scale and optimise processes.

“A core benefit of cloud is scalability. The scalability, which comes from understanding and using the Cloud correctly, can be quite liberating for companies. Being able to replace CAPEX with, and then run solely with OPEX, is also quite cost effective, which is a major relief for companies… If you’re going to use Cloud’s capabilities to the fullest, your company is going to need to be resilient and have disaster recovery and high availability, however”, says Peter Rix, Co-Founder and Executive Director at Vaxowave.

Taking A Holistic Approach

The Africa Tech Week audience exhibited a keen interest in discovering the ins and outs of the buzzword of the session, ‘FinOps’, a concept used to define the operating model of the Cloud, which combines the disciplines of Finance and Operations and assigns the accountability of cloud cost management to everyone.

“FinOps is the operating model for the Cloud, not of the cloud, enabling transformational shifts. Finance teams cannot live in a vacuum when it comes to the costs that come with the Cloud; coordination and a holistic approach is key here”, Kume Luvhani explains.

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