Exponential Transformation

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The new book by Salim Ismail, Exponential Transformation, provides businesses with a step-by-step guide for implementing the ExO Sprint to and becoming and exponential organization.


Kickstart Your Transformation


  • What can you achieve in just 10 weeks?


  • Find the right business model that connects you to an economy of abundance than scarcity.


  • Shift the mindset within your organization from efficiency-based thinking to a focus on innovation.


  • Build and retain innovation capacity within your organization.


  • Neutralize your organizational immune system.


  • Access knowledge from outside your organization.


  • Practice using the processes, tools and techniques required for your organization to keep pace.


  • Change your culture through personal and professional transformation

1 review for Exponential Transformation

  1. Kevin Allen

    This is an essential book for understanding business in the 21st century and how to innovate successfully!

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