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This award goes to the company whose technology-based innovation demonstrates improved productivity, price, quality, effectiveness and efficiencies which enhances the competitiveness of the South African economy. This could be an internal system or a product available to the public which in turn assists in advancing the industry with the latest technology.



COREX started in 2003 as a focused, niche distributor of gaming products. In 2012 COREX changed direction when Mark Lu took over as CEO and focused not only on the core business but on many new avenues and verticals to focus on the under-served segments of the IT Distribution Market.

COREX is a customer first organisation and implementing a customer focused business model helped in every aspect of the business. From 2012 through 2013 COREX doubled its turnover, and has achieved a CAGR of 35% year on year and this is set to continue. The company is growing in both turnover and staff, with a wealth of experience in all departments, including Sales, Technical, Executive Management, Warehouse, Marketing and with a diverse spread of cultures and people involved in all departments. COREX develops any and all initiatives internally and also looks internally first for all promotions and does extensive job rotation and training with all staff to ensure that all staff know the inner workings of each and every department inside out so that they can work together effectively.

The Management at COREX follow an open door policy. All management work amongst the staff and lead from the front and by example instead of being confined to an office. General Managers and Executive Managers work in the same area as general staff to lead from the front. Management layers are as flat as possible to ensure that there are direct lines to all management by any staff member at all times and this has grown a culture of collaboration and promoted working together. All staff are aware of, and can contribute to the goals and objectives of the company. Everybody is working towards a common, agreed upon set of goals and everybody has input and can make suggestions.

Distributor Achievement Awards from: MSI, INTEL, Kingston, WD, Genius Awarded Direct Distribution by: Kingston, WD, EVGA.

COREX Changed direction in 2012 focusing on a broader area of the market. In its first full year after the changes in 2012 COREX doubled turnover, profit, and physical stock moved, and this has settled into a 35% CAGR per year since and this has not abated. All staff have contributed to the vision of management and are working to keep this growth constant and push the boundaries of this.

COREX is a young, dynamic, focused company with goals that go beyond the scope if just normal distribution. Most distribution companies are focused on their core business of box moving and pushing numbers. COREX is committed to this and much more, working closely with its customers to help them grow, show them different avenues of doing business, using technology to grow their business and expand into new markets and also to grow these clients abilities through empowerment and training. COREX is researching and offering new systems that can assist government to push now technologies into learning and healthcare to help push their vision for a better country as well.