Shashi Hansjee in the Chief Executive Officer of Entelect, a South African software engineering and services business. Since he was appointed head of Entelect in 2010, the company has experienced exceptional growth from a personnel and financial perspectives and is now one of the largest software organisations in the country.


Shashi graduated from Wits University in 2004 with a Masters in Engineering and is passionate about creating a place where SA’s best software talent can thrive and grow as well as proving to the world that while our talent pool may be relatively small, it is truly world class. Under Shashi, Entelect has become a company renowned for its culture of learning and growth and has won numerous Best Company To Work For awards. He is also the IITPSA’s IT personality of the year for 2017.


Shashi believes that education is key to transforming the country for the better and that all of us have a role to play in that transformation, however small or large.