The entrepreneurial and technology bug bit me at an early age. In 1986, when I was 16, my father bought one of the first home personal computers on the market and I took the opportunity to learn the software languages available at the time. I loved the idea getting to know and understand new innovations and being ahead of the pack. Plus I have always suffered from FOMO (fear of missing out). While still attending school, I started developing custom applications for friends and family and the rest is history. Software development came easy to me and my life since then has emulated the same problem-solving logic that computers run on.

After finishing high school in 1988, I joined Anglo American and since then, have built solid experience in all areas of software development. I established my own software company in 1998.  During this time, I built numerous industry software solutions for the agricultural and logistics sector. After 10 years, I sold the business to  a listed South African IT company. From there, I headed up the project management office for the EMEA region for a global telecommunications and real estate company. I have managed numerous ERP and custom application projects in Africa and Europe.  I love building teams and inspiring them to work together to achieve unimaginable successful results. I joined APPSolve (Pty) Ltd, a South African IT consultancy company in 2014, and am responsible for new business development in the custom applications space. Two of my custom applications have won international awards.  I work with an incredible team of people. Without good people and a good team behind you, you are setup for failure. No one can achieve success on their own.

I am passionate about the upliftment of women in South Africa and inspiring the younger generation to reach for the stars. I enjoy helping new entrepreneurs with their business ventures and guiding them through those first few challenging years. Hard work and determination is all you need. I have incredibly high standards and one of my motto’s is, “if you going to do something, do it properly and with passion otherwise don’t do it at all”.

My other interest are my community. I have worked closely over the past 10 years with a children’s NGO, Ditshego House of Laughter, based in Mooiplaas, Pretoria. It gives me the greatest satisfaction to see children happy, safe, warm and fed.

On a personal note,  I am married, have two adult children and 3 huge but lovable dogs! Our large family is where our heart is.  I am also a dedicated food addict, and absolute love cooking. If I had my life over again, being a chef would definitely have been my career. I love bringing people together with food. It is my favourite delight. I have a Facebook page where I share all my food adventures.